T-Shirt Art

The Bay City Rodders car shows are known for having very creative and well executed T-shirt designs. We work with Stith Printing in Santa Fe Springs, CA, who has the art work created and then produces the actual t-shirts. We give away a free t-shirt with each entry at our Bay City at the Beach Show in May and we also have them for sale at that event and then create a new unique design for our Belmont Shore Show where they are sold to entrants and spectators. Our t-shirts are always a big hit.

The designs are created by the club providing a rough idea or layout for what we want. Then Stith's artist sends us a preliminary design that is done with felt tip pens. Displayed here are some of those first generation artist's concepts. The finished t-shirt might vary slightly from these designs as we might ask for some changes but it is too costly to go through another artist's rendering for just minor changes.

(Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger version.)